David Paul

Move Beyond Self: Live onto Him

David Paul, a committed follower of Christ, is a passionate worship leader. Leading worship for groups large and small, for both adults and youth, David shares God's truth and grace through song and teaching. His anointing and personal style are perfect for your next event. Find out more by visiting the ABOUT page.

“God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. ” Eric Liddell

Whenever I have the occasion to offer an explanation as to why I sing and play-why I worship, my response is the same, “God put in me a song. And when I sing, when I play, when I worship - I feel His pleasure.” For me, the joy of song, the holy obsession to worship through rhythm and melody, begins in sacred fellowship with my Savior.

In quiet moments with the Lord, when I am at rest in His presence, is when the veil between heaven and earth is at its thinnest. These are the times when I am closest to my God. These are the times when I am stripped of agendas and personal desires. These are the times when I am, before the Lord, naked, unashamed and in awe like Adam; my cells awakened with the breath of my Creator.

When we worship, through the offering of praise to God, we sing back the truth and grace that He has given to us; we agree with His promises and come in agreement with His righteousness, surrendering ourselves.

Music has this marvelous ability to melt away the years of wax that we sometimes allow to build up around the heart and mind. It pushes past the hurt and sorrow to open the worshiper up to experience God's truth, breaking through with the life giving water of the Word.

It is my sincere hope to get the opportunity to support your next event, conference, church or even home group by providing a worship experience that brings us all closer into the presence of the risen Savior where we can be forever changed for His glory.


Worship Leader

David is available to provide a contemporary Christian worship experience for both adult and student aged church events, conferences, camps, retreats, small groups, etc. He offers a customized experience that fits your needs. Need a large band, small band, or maybe just solo-done! David is eager to work within your events size and budget to ensure a quality worship experience for all.

Biblical Teaching

David is available to provide biblical teaching for both adult and youth church events, conferences, camps, retreats, small groups, etc. Additionally, David can combine worship leading along with biblical teaching for a truly unique and full worship experience.

Workshop Instructor

David is able to assist your adult or youth worship and tech/media team(s) grow and develop through workshops focused on sound & media, equipment, rehearsal function & dynamics, as well as skills development.


Dave is able to lead worship in a way that is natural, engaging and authentic. When he leads, everyone sees something real, something that draws them into what is happening-to something that motivates them to open their hearts to God. He knows the lyrics of the songs not because he has memorized words, but because he knows the King of Kings personally. His voice is anointed. His love for Jesus is real. His musicianship is extraordinary.
— Barb Higgins, Territorial Youth Specialist, The Salvation Army
David has a gift for connecting with his audience both personally and musically.  I have invited David to lead worship with our students on several occasions and his ministry has been a blessing each time. With a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading, David always leads us to the throne of God.
— Mike Price, Pastor of Student Ministries - Grace Point E-Free Church, Adrian, MI
David is energetic, impactful, and anointed. He deeply cares about offering God a loving gift of worship, and he deeply cares about making a spiritual impact with fellow Christians.
— Keith Maynor, National Youth Secretary - The Salvation Army
Dave welcomed God’s Spirit into our space and to rest in the room. Through worship, he helped open our eyes to God’s presence, then offered the opportunity to join in celebrating that presence.
— Michael Hulett, Students Small Groups Director - 2|42 Community Church, Brighton, MI

"My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." - Galatians 2:20 NLT